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be who you want to be

For some, being fat or skinny or unhealthy is not a choice. But remember, change is inevitable.

By the way it's always easier to be healthy when there are fewer responsibilities to deal with. The real challenge is to stay healthy when you are short of time and resources. So, we are here for those, who work behind the scenes, who work for a purpose, who are the creators, the real force supporting their families & driving this world.

We believe, you can be who you want to be. And we are here to make that possible.

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Extraordinary Dietitians Registered Dietitians(RDs) for extraordinary individuals

Meet the RDs of India who trust DNM. No intermediary Dietitians, no AI bots, you'll consult these elite RDs directly.


What do our Registered Dietitians specialize in?

How this program helps you?

Consultation without diet plan saves your time.
Liberty to opt a consulting Registered Dietitian on your own.
Only Registered Dietitians are there for consultation.
Collaborate with Registered Dietitians to find and eat what you and your body loves the most.
Evidence based consultation after reviewing blood test reports (Healthians being our 1st blood test partner).
Sustainable learning-based approach helps you maintain good health for longer duration.

How it works?

Step 1: You create an account using android or web app of Dietitian Near Me

A technical support assistant will be there with you to make on-boarding easier.

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Step 2: You opt a Registered Dietitian based on language, your timing of availability and some food preferences

Your 7 day trial period begins after you have selected the first dietitian for a "Trial consultation". Neither Dietitian nor you can reveal the identity during trial. So use trial consultation as a medium to interact freely with Dietitian and focus on knowing if you would be comfortable consulting the opted Dietitian for 6 weeks. Rest assured about the knowledge and expertise of Dietitian at Dietitian Near Me.

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Step 3: Set up appointment(s) and take voice call consultations with Dietitian

Voice call is a powerful feature of this platform to interact with Dietitian. However, during "Trial consultation" it is limited to 3 calls 7 minutes each, so use it wisely. We recommend listing 3 common food/nutrition/health questions you've always had and ask one question in each "Trial" call.

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In-app screenshot of "Create Appointment" dialog

Step 4: Snap pictures of what you eat and fill up your Food Journal

Dietitian Near Me is unique in the way nutrition counseling is delivered. We don't give diet plan because it causes additional burden in the life of already burdened people, and there is hardly a person who really follows diet plan for life after consultation is over. Rather, a sustainable way is to get the answer to a simple question: Which food does what for you? And our Dietitians have the answer, they are generous enough to explain it to you in simplest terms. So it's important to snap every single bite you put in your mouth so Dietitian can see it all. No cheating huh!

Dietitian Near Me appointment page screenshot
In-app screenshot of partially filled "Food Journal"

Step 5: Guess your daily nutrition intake & compare it with that of Dietitian

When you estimate how many calories you've consumed in a day for a given health goal, you're subconsciously learning to track calories without counting numbers. And your guess/estimate gets validated by comparing it with a Registered Dietitian's estimate. Not only calories Dietitian Near Me also includes other parameters to log such as nutrients such as carbs, protein, fat, satisfaction from food and stress level. It's true that you can not learn it in a day or two. But if you do something continuously for 6 weeks then you are forming a new habit and that's the notion behind our 6 weeks of consultation program.

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In-app screenshot of "Progress" estimation page

Step 6: Use chat and express your concerns with the Dietitian

Exchange informative talks with experts just about you. Educate yourself and understand your body more than ever.

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In-app screenshot of a "Chat" between user and Dietitian

Step 7: Rate and subscribe to your favourite Dietitian for 6 weeks of consultation

Rating is useful if you have consulted with more than 1 Registered Dietitian at the end of your trial. You can rate the Dietitian individually based on your interaction experience and other personal preferences. You can refer to these ratings later while subscribing to your favorite dietitian.

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In-app screenshot of a Dietitian rating dialog